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The Heckling Skill Set

My daughter was just watching the Phillies/Toronto Blue Jays game with me when she said: “Who the heck is this team?  The Tomato Blueberries!?!?” Their logo was clearly visible, and she can read, so she improvised that on the spot. … Continue reading

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The Susquehanna Bank Center Fucked Your Mother and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

In July of 1996, I saw Steely Dan at what was then called “The Blockbuster/Sony Entertainment Center” in Camden.  It was my first trip to the venue, and I was initially turned away at the gate with my prohibited lawn … Continue reading

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All the other kids…

Tonight, my wife is taking our daughter and the neighbor’s kid to The Mann to see some band with a song called “Pumped Up Dicks”.  At least I assume that’s what it’s called…maybe I misheard the lyrics. Then again, maybe … Continue reading

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