This is a Valentine for my wife, which I chose to make instead of standing with the other lovestruck fuckwits perusing the lame-ass Hallmark offerings at CVS.

Hey, at least it isn’t accompanied by a vacuum with a bow.

In it are three kinds of songs:

-Songs with lyrics/titles that convey my feelings or have to do with love in general.
-Songs which refer to things we’ve done together, in-jokes, etc.
-Songs that might not have anything to do with love, but she’d probably like.

I’ll leave it to her to figure out which are which, and what lyrics refer to her.


“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Happy Valentine’s Day, womern. I love you.

Here’s a direct link, because this embedded player sucks:

01 – Queens of the Stone Age – Quick And To The Pointless
02 – Bob Dylan – The Man In Me
03 – Bonobo – Cirrus
04 – Medeski Martin and Wood – The Lover
05 – Atoms For Peace – Default
06 – Sly & The Family Stone – Family Affair
07 – A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation
08 – Snoop Dogg – Sexual Eruption
09 – Frank Zappa – Dirty Love
10 – Panda Bear – Slow Motion
11 – Animal Collective – Water Curses
12 – Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute
13 – Ween – I’m Holding You
14 – Ween – Piss Up A Rope
15 – The Doors – Soul Kitchen
16 – Mutemath – Heads Up
17 – Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise
18 – John Coltrane – Like Someone In Love
19 – Marvin Gaye – I Love the Ground You Walk On
20 – The Meters – Yeah, You’re Right
21 – Deerhoof – Fete d’Adieu
22 – The Beatles – And I Love Her
23 – Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love
24 – Black Sabbath – War Pigs


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I enjoy long walks on the beach, ice cream, hate, hypocricy, venom, invective, and kittens.
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