No-Talent Hick Cunt

FACT: Miley Cyrus is a no-talent, attention-whoring, and likely inbred hick cunt.

Her act the other night was indeed a crime against humanity…but no more so than her father’s mullet-flavored brand of country rock used to be.

You made Billy Ray rich and allowed him to thrive and reproduce. Now, 20 years later, everyone’s talking about this fabricated “controversy”. Even me.

The cycle of bullshit continues unabated.

Enjoy reaping what you’ve sown, America. It fucking sucks.


About effwhybee

I enjoy long walks on the beach, ice cream, hate, hypocricy, venom, invective, and kittens.
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3 Responses to No-Talent Hick Cunt

  1. Noah says:

    I think Betty White summed it up – “Remember a few years ago when Jamie Foxx said Miley Cyrus would end up on a stripper pole and had to apologize? I think everyone owes Jamie Foxx an apology”

  2. Joe Young says:

    I love how Bette white stays stays relevant and I also agree with her about us all
    Owing Jamie and apology for what he said

  3. Joe Young says:

    Look me up when the hunt for Micael Bolton starts. Laughing my yells ass off

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