Clutchy Hopkins/Misled Children/Eugene Harrington

I know I’m late to the party, but I just got turned on to this Clutchy Hopkins/Misled Children/Eugene Harrington weirdness…

They’re three aliases for what is allegedly the same late-2000’s jazz/funk band.

The members have gone out of their way to remain anonymous, but I’ll say one thing: if Questlove isn’t (wasn’t?) intimately involved, I’ll eat my hat.

A lot of the production and drums, as well as the quotes from an “unnamed source” in interviews/reviews sound like him:

From Who the Hell Is Clutchy Hopkins? in the OCWeekly circa 2008:

“Music has become sterile. People are making music with their eyes instead of their ears and their feelings. A lot of music software uses such visual programming; it turns your music into something visual. It’s a .wav file that you can cut. You have all these nonlinear editing options at your fingertips. Why walk over to the drums and hit the snare when you can click a drum roll and EQ [digitally manipulate] the shit out of it and make it sound like a tight snare? You can hit one little high hat and make it sound like an upright bass. It’s just ridiculous.”

Also, one of the two Misled Children albums is recorded with Philly tenor sax player Odean Pope. If I recall correctly, back in the late 90’s Questlove had something to do with promoting and re-releasing the back catalogue of Pope’s little-known 70’s jazz/fusion band Catalyst. A few years later he covered one of their songs, “Ain’t It The Truth,” with The Philadelphia Experiment.

Regardless, if you’re into jazz/funk, especially other bands on Ubiquity (Shawn Lee, Orgone, Brownout), these are probably right up your alley.

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