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“Melancholy, slightly cerebral funk.”  And I don’t like music videos or dancing in general.  Go figure. These guys are opening for Outkast at the Montreal Jazz Fest and again, fuck you, Pierre. Also at Union Transfer June 19th –

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Merry Pan-Sexual Multi-Ethnochristmas-type Winter Solstice Celebration™®© to you and yours this most joyeux season.

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Today, my beautiful, eight-year-old-going-on-twenty daughter came to ask me to put some “different” music on our home music server. She prefaced this conversation by saying that she would play the Beatles or Herbie Hancock or Frank Zappa for her friends … Continue reading

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Knock knock

Me: Who’s there? My 3 year old son: Banana flake. Me: Banana flake who? Son (top of his lungs): POOP IN A TRASHCAN!

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